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With over 20 years of diverse Welding Engineering, and hands-on welding experience with multinational and regional manufactures in the Aerospace, Steel and Power industries, Mruczek Welding Engineering Software can help calculate and reduce your welding cost. A series of Excel Sheets can help you calculate and determine you welding cost for all the most popular weld joint configurations. It can look at different processes side-by-side, joint designs, and efficiencies to help determine your welding cost.

The EXCEL sheets use the cost per weight for all calculations. This is the easiest cost estimating method, regardless of the welding process. It is best used in applications in which significant volumes of weld metal must be deposited, such as multipass applications. Hardfacing and overlay welding. The variable of time is captured by measuring deposition rate (pounds of deposit per hour). This method is best for estimating the cost of large, multipass welds. Cost per weight is good for evaluating changes in groove joint details. It is not accurate when applied to single pass, small, short welds, and it does not account for overwelding.

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